Our History

Campion Asset Management was founded in 2005 by Terence Burns, MBA, CFA in order to serve both individuals and non-profit organizations. The firm was established to ensure that clients receive independent advice, transparent performance reporting and the highest level of personalized service. After working in the investment management industry for 10 years, Terence recognized critical shortcomings within the investment management business. Large financial institutions offer “cookie-cutter” advice fulfilled by high-fee proprietary products, unclear performance reporting and impersonal service. Small firms seemed to lack the expertise and professionalism to provide thoughtful advice to clients.

Terence decided to use his years of experience to start a firm that would provide high quality advice, professionalism and personalized client service. He knew that by acting in clients’ best interests and providing clients with truly objective advice, clients could achieve their investment objectives. Terence holds a strong belief that by actively listening to clients and offering tailored service, Campion would set an example for others to follow.

As Campion has grown, this philosophy still guides our business. The initiative that Terence started years ago remains an example of professionalism and industry excellence. While the tides of the market have changed, our core values have remained steadfast.

Our clients are individuals, families, non-profit organizations, and associations. We have built a client service philosophy around our core values with a commitment to ethical conduct, transparency and professionalism. Our relationships have taught us many things about what people expect from their investment advisor. Here is what we know:

  • Active listening is the key to a successful investment management relationship and achieving your investment management needs.
  • Your needs, circumstances and investment objectives will change over time. We will adapt your investment strategy in response to these circumstances.
  • A boutique investment management firm provides a tailored approach to achieve your goals. “Cookie-cutter” product-oriented investment management with a 1-800 call center service mindset does not work. We are here to serve not to sell.
  • The most successful investment management relationships are with well-informed clients and advisors. We can help you achieve your goals by working together in an environment of mutual trust and transparency.
  • Investment advice should serve your best interests at all times. We adhere to the highest industry standards and set an example for the next generation of investment professionals.

Our passion for investments, transparency and the pursuit of excellence is pervasive in our investment philosophy. Our investment philosophy incorporates our core values, blends academic research with and practical experience and focuses on data-driven analysis. Our investment decisions are:

  • Ethical and comply with the highest ethical standards.
  • Strategic and focused on long-term results.
  • Data driven and grounded in thorough analysis.
  • Disciplined and consistent throughout market cycles.
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